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Seti stands for "Search for Extra Terrestrial Intelligence"
Seti@Home stands for "Seti at Home"

With Seti@Home everybody with a computer can help to search for extraterrestrial life.

The Seti@Home Project is hosted by the University of Berkeley in the USA

It was launched in 1999 and has more then 4 million participants worldwide.

I joined Seti@Home in summer 1999 and invested quite some efforts in this projects. Meanwhile Seti@Home is being transferred to the BOINC platform. I will stick with the classic Set@Home, as long as possible and then maybe stop my activities there, to head for different projects.

If you can read german, there is an excellent website, hosted by the Team SetiGermany , which is the biggest German team in the project and currently is the worlds number one, regarding the number of results that has been completed.

At least in Germany, there are meetings of Seti@Home members taking place more/less regularly.

Once a year, typically in May, there is a big meeting, where people from the whole country meet. This meeting is coordinated over the German Seti Meeting Page. Allthough it is a German meeting, foreigners and extraterrestrieals are welcome… ;-)