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 2003_Motorradtour (DE)

About My Motorbike (and also my wifes one)

Right after I got my driving licence, shortly after my 18th birthday, I bought my first motorbike. And I never managed to get rid of this hobby, though I tried several times, due to lack of time, for family reasons, money issues and other things. My last attempt to quit biking failed in 2001, when I could not resist to buy me a brand new bike again.

Yes, I am a biker and it seems, I will allways be one.

This is my current bike. I bought it in 2001, right after Yamaha launched it. It's a Yamaha FZS 1000 Fazer (in the US they named it FZ1) and it is pretty much the bike, that I was allways looking for.

Lots of power (143 horse power) and enough torque, due to the 1 litre engine, combined with a still moderate 230 kg riding weight. Sporty if I want it, with excellent handling, it offers a relaxed riding position and still a pretty reasonable second seat for my lady.

It's a nearly perfect bike for me. I really like, that one tank of fuel is good for more than 330 kilometers and that I have allmost unlimited power at my fingertips, which is that easy to control.

There is really not much to complain about.
Maybe the gear box could even be a litte better, but hey, it's a Yamaha, and they never had a better one, in my oppinion. To be honest, I never wanted to buy a Yamaha again, after I head driven the XJ900 Diversion for 18 months. But this Baby here fully convinced me, that it's worth to give them another chance.

Over the years, I did not have many different motorbikes, but for those of you, who have nohing else to do, here is a short history:

Suzuki GS 400 E
My first motorbike ever. I really loved it ! It bought it used, with 27 hp but tuned it to 43 hp after a while. Very nice bike and 100% reliable.

Yamaha RD 350 LC
A real two stroke rocket. Very lightweight. Very fast. Unfortunately the 2 stroke engine caused quite some trouble.

Kawasaki Z 1100 ST
Perfectly suitable for traktor pulling contests. Torque and velocity in low RPMs where unbelieveable. This bike was a real dinosaur, but I liked it very much.

Yamaha XT 350
I did not like this one. Seems like I am not an endurist. Ok, I must admit, that it was a bit older, when I bought it. I had some reliability issues with it and it felt like bull riding. The saddle was a torture.

Yamaha XJ 900 S Diversion
This bike completely dissapointed me. The engine realy had no torque and took 7.5 liters per 100 km. The bike was quite heavy and the roadability was just too bad. The fork was much too soft and the tires where slippery as hell, when wet. The gearbox was as bony as could be and sometimes it was impossible to find the neutral position at all. The whole thing started getting rusty, after less than 18 months. Very very poor quality.

Honda CB 500 S
My wifes bike. Extraordinarily good for such a bread and butter vehicle. Put a good driver on it and many other bikers will not trust their eyes, what you can do with it. It is 100% reliable and you only need to see the gas station every 350 km. OK, it has some vibrations due to the fact, that it's only a twin, but that seems to be the price for tourque in lower RPMs. I like it much better than any 4 cylinder with 600 cc.